Sunday, September 03, 2023

Sunday Stealing

1. Did you ever have a commercial you really liked? I don't have diabetes but that happy woman makes me want to take "once daily Jardiance at each day's start." Really, I heard myself singing about "the little pill with the big story to tell" the other morning while I was feeding my cats.

2. How did you learn to ride a bicycle? My first big girl bike was a pink and white Schwinn. I wish I remembered more about learning to ride it because it was my dad who taught me, and I don't have lots of good dad memories.


3.How did you celebrate your 21st birthday? The other secretaries took me to Pago Pago, a nearby Tiki bar, for lunch. I ordered my first legal drink: a Singapore Sling. It makes me a little sad that I can no longer remember any of their names. 

We went to the Jackson location; they're all gone now.

4. What fascinated you as a child? The Beatles. They still do. They're the soundtrack of my life.


5. What was one of your favorite playground games? Freeze tag.


6. What things matter most to you in life? Every day I try to do good. That matters most to me. I find that when I concentrate on living my faith, other things fall into place.


7. If you had to go back in time and start a brand new career, what would it be? I enjoy using my writing skills for causes I believe in. I wish I had become a full-time writer for a not-for-profit.


8. What do people get wrong about you? Everybody thinks I'm tough. Maybe because I say "fuck" all the time. I'm more sensitive than most people realize.


9. Do you believe that people can change? Why or why not? Yes. I know I've changed. That's what the therapy is for.


10. What is some of the best advice your mother ever gave you? Whenever we went clothes shopping together she'd remind me, "If it has to be dry cleaned it's like it costs double."


11. If you could see into the future, what would you want to find out? How long it stretches before me.That's the thing about saving for retirement: you don't know how long retirement is going to last.


12. How has your life turned out differently than you imagined it would? In some ways.


13. What is the longest project you have ever worked on? Me! I'm still a work in progress.


14. What have been some of your favorite restaurants through the years? My favorites have been restaurants that serve breakfast all day. I love sitting alone in a booth with my book while eating eggs and wheat toast.


15. What is one of the best shows you've ever been to? Wings Over America, the first time I saw him.