Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Self Portrait

Sometimes I feel like this is how the people in my life view me -- as hot and cold running Gal. Always there when you need me, but completely out of mind when you don't. In short, taken for granted.

If you believe in the power of words ...

Why not create your own post the BlogBlast for Peace (November 4)?

You can trust me, because I'm a BlogBlast for Peace Veteran. Imagining a more peaceful world is wonderful for your soul!

10 on Tuesday

I feel the blues encroaching but I'm not giving in without a fight. Here are 10 reliable things that can/will make me happy today.

1) Clear, blue skies above

2) Voting

3) Knowing that my niece was up early and at the polls before 7:00 this morning because she volunteered to work as a judge

4) Having a project on my plate that requires some creativity/flexibility

5) Nanowrimo gives me an opportunity for even more creativity/flexibilitiy

6) Watching my cat Joey power nap (he looks so damn sweet when he sleeps, which only stands to reason because he's such a dear, gentle soul)

7) Chiquita Apple Bites make it easy for even the laziest person (me) to snack healthy

8) My MLB Cubs checks, that make me smile a bit as I pay my bills

9) Knowing I can listen to the Beatles anytime I want to (and will!)

10) My TBR pile -- sometimes I find it daunting but right now I find a neverending supply of books comforting