Sunday, June 30, 2013

Loved it!

I so enjoy going to the movies but this summer, so far the only one I've seen is Leo's turn as Gatsby, and I really didn't enjoy it. So I'm happy to report that The Heat is a rollicking good time.

Sandra Bullock is charming and very funny. She's not afraid to look silly, and her willingness to be unlikeable only makes her more endearing.

Melissa McCarthy is a riot. Because she's such a physical comedienne it's easy to overlook her way with dialog. The way she tosses off, "Was he a hearing man?" literally made me laugh out loud.

The theater was packed, which made me happy. It's good to see a movie starring two women bringing in the box office dollars the way The Man of Steel or Monsters University do.

But beware -- this is NOT a chick flick. It's vulgar and very violent. I spent much of the last half hour wincing and looking away.