Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The post where I reveal ...

... how deeply, incredibly shallow I am.

I have a zit on the right side of my lip. On my lip line. I hate it. It looks like a cold sore. I think about it constantly.

I never notice anyone else battling this. And I've been looking. On the train, in elevators, I check out faces, hoping to find comfort in company. But no. Everyone is dewy as a fresh morn but me, the one with the zit on my lip.

I do take strength in knowing I'm not the only one to ever face this tragedy. A quick Google search for "lip line pimple" brought me 141,000 responses.

I think it might be caused by all the chapstick and other emollients I've been applying to my lips this very dry winter.

Don't worry. I'll publish updates to keep the blogosphere aware of this fast-moving event.