Friday, April 25, 2014

Let's see ...

Why am I happy today?

•  I've been emailing regularly with my best friend these past two days. We hadn't been getting along well lately and it's confused me. He's been unemployed for 21 months now and is just so closed-mouth about his life! I assume his wife his working, but he hasn't told me. I have no idea how he spends his days. His communication has been infrequent. He mentioned that it's "weird" that I don't email him like I used to. I told him that, since he doesn't answer, I've simply gotten out of the habit. That I don't feel like I know him anymore, and that our friendship doesn't seem relevant to him anymore.

Well, I discovered that if he can't talk about work, if he can't discuss job leads or employment opportunities, he doesn't think he has anything to say. Straight men! Go figure! So we got past that and have been comparing notes on books we've read and shows we watch. You know, stuff friends talk about.

As always, I'm happier when my best friend is in my life.

•  My back no longer hurts. YEA! I don't know what the cause was, but the horrible icky pain is gone, replaced by a barely noticeable ache. I'll mention it to the doctor when I see her on Monday, because I want her to rule out anything serious. But I'm happy I'm no longer creaky.

•  Good workouts. Maybe those stretching exercises DeWayne the Trainer showed me are part of why my back doesn't hurt. But this week I've worked out three times and I'm actually starting to feel better (more energy, less lethargy).

•  It's sunny. I skipped the pedway and walked outside to the healthclub. No jacket! I suspect all of us Chiberians looked like moles, venturing out and above ground for the first time in months. We were probably all wriggling our noses as we sniffed the fresh air.

•  $45.36. That's how much my trench coats and blouses earned me at the local resale boutique. I'm glad, because my MacBook died Wednesday night and I was worried about how I could afford to have it repaired (something tells me I'm going to hear the word, "motherboard" from the tech) and give my nephew cash for his upcoming 8th graduation. I've cashed in my Discover rewards for a $50 GAP/Old Navy giftcard and now I'll give him $50 cash. At 13, $100 is still very impressive to him, and it really won't cost me anything out of pocket.