Wednesday, September 09, 2009

September Fitness Challenge

Day 9. Self restraint. Lunch at my desk, meeting prep for tomorrow, a new assignment ... It was a busy day. Limited myself to one 20-oz. bottle of Pepsi. That's the only caffeine I had during the workday. The rest of the day I drank water. I heard a can of Red Bull calling my name, but I resisted!

There are no bad ideas, right?

That's what I keep reminding myself as I try to "brainstorm" titles for the client's new promotion. I really am not very good at this, therefore I don't enjoy it, and have put it off all day until now. All the creative pieces for tomorrow's client presentation have been carefully proofread and all the art boards are done. No more excuses, Gal. Time to throw some ideas at the piece of paper and see if anything sticks.

Sorry I won't get to see the President's address on healthcare to Congress in about an hour. I know this is a very important speech. But I'm sure they'll rerun it. And, speaking of healthcare, the reason I'm lucky enough to have good healthcare is that I have this here job, so I guess I better concentrate!

Perfect for the day!

Thanks, Mlle. Kwizgiver.

You Are "Across the Universe"

You are spiritual, deep, and at peace. You try to keep life in perspective.

You can't help but realize how small you are in the universe. You're just thankful you exist.

You tend to be a stream of consciousness thinker. You just let your thoughts flow, even when they don't make sense initially.

You trust your intuition to guide you. You know that whatever is in your heart is right and true.

09/09/09 >>> IT'S BEATLES DAY!

I want to buy the boxed set of remastered CDs, because, well, I want them. Even more, I'm enjoying the resurgence of Beatlemania! Look at Amazon's top-selling CDs. It's a whole new British Invasion!