Wednesday, September 09, 2009

There are no bad ideas, right?

That's what I keep reminding myself as I try to "brainstorm" titles for the client's new promotion. I really am not very good at this, therefore I don't enjoy it, and have put it off all day until now. All the creative pieces for tomorrow's client presentation have been carefully proofread and all the art boards are done. No more excuses, Gal. Time to throw some ideas at the piece of paper and see if anything sticks.

Sorry I won't get to see the President's address on healthcare to Congress in about an hour. I know this is a very important speech. But I'm sure they'll rerun it. And, speaking of healthcare, the reason I'm lucky enough to have good healthcare is that I have this here job, so I guess I better concentrate!


  1. Glad you have your priorities in order, Missy! Yeah, the prez's speech will be all over the interwebs dissected into bite size pieces so you won't be missing anything.

    I hear it's gonna be a good one. I love being online in chat rooms for those things. It's snarky and fun.

    Good luck with your work and stuff. I'm going to be drinking some wine! Cheers!

  2. Brainstorming by yourself? I hate having to do that.


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