Friday, October 01, 2010

John Mahoney sighting

Had to go to the damn washeteria to do my laundry again last night. (Hopefully by next weekend the washers and dryers in my building will be repaired for good!) Anyway, the journey took me up the street where I used to live and I saw my former neighbor, John Mahoney, aka Frasier's dad. He was helping an elderly friend out of a car and into his wheel chair.

They both just said "hi," and I said "hi," back, more worried about the more senior citizen feeling on display with his disabilities than I was of embarrassing Mr. Mahoney.

The last time I saw him was maybe 7 or 10 Christmases ago, when I was behind him in line at Coconuts as he wrapped up his holiday shopping.

I like that he hasn't gone Hollywood, and still lives in his same apartment.