Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The "What's Your Story" Meme

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten in public? I once had shark at the Taste of Chicago. I don't even remember how it tasted. I just recall feeling very brave for eating it.

2. If you had to go on an adventure, with elves, dwarves, or hobbits, who would you take and why? Elves, definitely. Elfin heroines always seem to have so much fun, from Snow White all the way to Zooey in the movie Elf.

3. You are at a rural retreat lodge somewhere deep in Wisconsin or Canada. You are approached by a taxidermist who hands you a stuffed badger and asks you to put it in your lap. What do you do next? Hightail it outta there before his mother can stab me to death in the shower. I've seen Psycho. I know all the signs.
4. If you were given biscotti, would you prefer it with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate.

5. In your opinion, who is the funniest man or woman alive today Stephen Colbert
6. If you were given thirty seconds on television to say something, what would it be? Let's celebrate lawmakers who reach across the aisle to get things done.
7. What is your idea of the most romantic date setting ever? I know it's old school, but I still like a movie and then dinner afterward to discuss it. You can learn so much about what one another that way.

8. If you could go on one date with a movie or television star, who would it be and why? Mark Harmon. Because he's Gibbs, my TV boyfriend. Because it took him until he
was in his late 50s to become a TV's highest paid star, so I'd like to hear about his journey. Because he very nearly went into advertising instead of acting. And because he knows Bruce Springsteen.

9. What is the worst song you have ever heard? This is a close call, because the 1970s gave us Barry Manilow. But #1 is the jaw-droppingly bad "Muskrat Love" by Captain and Tennille. Here's the official music video. Everyone involved with it MUST have been stoned. There is no other excuse or explanation. 

10. If you could live anywhere else, where would it be? If I had the money, I'd like to live a few miles north on Chicago's Gold Coast. Particularly the art deco Palmolive Building. I love its style and history. It was completed just before the Depression and has ties to men as diverse as Charles Lindbergh, Hugh Hefner and Vince Vaughn.

11. Who- in your opinion- was the greatest person to ever live? Jesus Christ