Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lisa Lott is running for Superior Court Judge!

I know because I sent postcards out on her behalf yesterday. I'm doing this as part of the Postcards to Voters program. More than 20,000 of us, all across the US, have volunteered to hand write cards to voters, encouraging our fellow citizens to get out there and vote Democratic.

I love this idea because it's got that personal touch. In our email/text world, no one gets anything that's written in cursive anymore. I'm sure that the fact that someone sat down and put pen to paper will have an impact on voters. Also, this feels very comfortable for me. Back in 2004, I hand wrote dozens of letters to Iowa Caucus voters on behalf of John Kerry's presidential campaign.*

And most of all, I mean ... TRUMP! In order to minimize his impact and eventually defeat him, we need Democrats to prevail up and down the ballot. I refuse to be one of those people who just shakes her fist at the TV. It's time for me to do something. And this is what I know how to do.

Thanks to BookMama for the gift of mobilization. Doing this makes me happy.

PS If you live in Athens and want to learn more about Lisa Lott, click here.

*I still remember much of what I wrote. Each letter began: "You Iowa voters enjoy an opportunity we don't have here in Illinois. You live in an early caucus state, so your voices get heard months before our will ..."