Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thursday Thirteen #150


1) An official Late Night with David Letterman mug for my mom. She loves her Dave.

2) Crocheted ear muffs/headphones for my niece, so she can enjoy her tunes in comfort as she walks across her windy campus

3) A pewter pink ribbon key ring from Shirley Pewter in Williamsburg for a friend who is celebrating a year of being cancer free this month!

4) Peacock flipflops for my oldest friend, who so prefers California's warm winters to Chicago's white Christmases

5)  Guatemalan "worry dolls" for one of my coworkers, Tom, because he in 2012 I want him to not let the stress get to him so much

6) A psychic reading from Practically Intuitive for my friend Mindy

7) The 2012 Nuns Having Fun calendar to amuse a friend who is the proud product of 12 years of Catholic school

8) A Warriors illustrated novel for my nephew, who is a great fan of the series

9) A subscription to Glamour for my oldest friend's daughter, who aspires to a career in cosmetology

10) Lavender-scented fabric mist for my cousin, who is having trouble sleeping these days

11) Hand-crafted caterpillar charms to bring my coworkers luck

12) A movie theater gift card for the guy who does my hair, because he's always asking me what I've just seen

13) Homemade cookies for my best friend

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I Want Wednesday

I want to always feel this way. I am happy today. No particular reason, beyond Christmas and friends.

Christmas Cookies -- Chapter 3

Are they not gorgeous? Yes, they are. My best friend ate only one,* but he declared it, "very good" and said he's sure I could master more complicated recipes, too. (I admit I could probably never find an easier one.)

I am feeling very proud. I bet Pippa Middleton wishes her backside was as perfect as the back of my peanut butter and jelly cookie's!

*He is diabetic and we had the rich desserts included in our prix fixe dinner menu.