Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New photos!

At least, new to me.

The b&w photo of the most glam couple ever is from November 1956. The color shot is of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis toward the end of her life, but before illness took its toll, as she walks through Central Park in the late 1980s or early 1990s.

I love discovering new photos of her. I keep hoping I'll see something that unlocks the secret of the sphinx. In that way, my most enduring heroine is the opposite of my newer one -- Elizabeth Edwards. Whereas Elizabeth inspired by sharing how she faced and handled the unendurable, JBKO fascinates because she just did it.

But I wanted indigo!

Endomental got indigo! Oh well, jade is pretty, too. And the analysis is very complimentary, isn't it?

Your Life's Path is Jade

You seek connection and security. You want nothing else more than to love and be loved.

You believe that gratitude and appreciation are the key to a happy life. You try to thank everyone who ever helps you.

You are generous and compassionate. You have deep resources and a lot to give.

You are intelligent and love to learn. Some may say you're even addicted to learning new things.

10 on Tuesday -- Instead of Blogging

Here are 10 ways I SHOULD be using my time today.

1) Trying on clothes. I have to figure out what I'm wearing on New Year's Eve in Key West, but since I feel -- and, well, AM -- fat, it doesn't seem like too much fun.

2) Packing. I leave tomorrow, you know.

3) Calling Delta Airlines. They're only giving me 45 minutes between flights when I return through Atlanta, and it doesn't seem like enough. Yet something tells me they won't be happy to talk to me today.

4) Sorting books. I promised myself I would make one more run to Goodwill for 2010, and there is still time today (if I take the bus).

5) Making lunch. Please note I said "making lunch," not "ordering lunch." There is food in the kitchen, after all.

6) Recharing. Phone. iPod. Camera.

7) Taking out the recycling. Yes, there's snow out there. But it's not reasonable to wait until April to use the back door.

8) Decide what to do with my Christmas presents, currently by the front door.

9) Vacuuming whatever floor is visible, between the gifts and recycling.

10) Switching purses. Of course, first I'll have to decide what clothes I'm taking with me tomorrow ...