Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday 4

This week, let's talk about  home.

1. Do you like the way your home is decorated, or would you tweak things a bit if budget allowed? Oh, I'd tweak! Boy, oh, boy would I tweak! I need new windows. I want to replace the carpeting with hardwood floors.

2.. Do you have any plans/dreams to change anything about your home? Well, see #1. Beyond that, sometimes I think I'd like to move to a new space and start over. Maybe rent next time. Then if something goes wrong, I can just ask Fred Mertz to come over and fix it.


3. What style of furniture do you have or want  to have in your home and why? Lately I have been thinking that a rocking chair would be nice. One with a cherry wood finish. I like cherry and blond wood, not heavy, dark pieces.

4. Tell us about your ideal dream house or dream kitchen if you prefer. I really don't cook very much, so I don't fantasize about my dream kitchen. My dream apartment, though, would have exposed brick. I'd love a counter separating the kitchen and dining room. A patio would be nice. I don't want to live on a low floor. I haven't been on ground level for decades. I think seeing people walking by would creep me out. I like looking out the window and seeing treetops and rooftops.