Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 11

Ready-made pina coladas. Like the label says, "The rum is in it!" I was so happy to come home and just pour one over ice, without messing with a blender (which I don't have anyway). I had them with my Taco Bell soft tacos for dinner. Yes, this gracious living.

Guilty pleasure

I nearly forgot to post about my stolen hours yesterday! After I finished with the doctor, I (shh!) sneaked away and went to the movies. I saw The Help, a matinee the first day it opened. I liked it well enough, but I enjoyed the book more. Still, the audience I saw the movie with was entranced. Viola Davis, who plays Aibileen, is getting all the praise. My favorite performance was Octavia Spencer as Minnie. She just seemed closer to the way I imagined her in the book. The actress who plays Celia Foote is terrific, too.

The weakest link, for me, was Cicely Tyson as Constantine. She's too old for the part, too old to be the mother of the daughter she's shown with, and that very important subplot is badly bungled.

The best part, though, was eating popcorn in the dark on a Wednesday afternoon. How deliciously wicked of me!

Bad, but good, too

It's been a frustrating day! No word yet on my CA-125 test. Damn. Guess I have to start nagging at the doctor's office tomorrow. (Though, to be fair, my doctor did say, "Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.")

So while I am slowly making myself nuts worrying, I am also enormously, fabulously comforted by those who let me know they care. They are what makes it possible to get through the day without screaming. The day started with my oldest friend sending me a cartoon to make me laugh. Then, throughout the day, my best friend, my friends Barb and Kathleen, a coworker, even my crazy older sister (!) asked for updates.

And all you blogging buddies have been supportive, too. I may not be especially graceful in accepting all the good vibes that you are sending my way, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them. THANK YOU.

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