Saturday, July 29, 2017

I felt like I knew her

Today was a slow and unique today, unfolding in its own way and at its own pace.

I wandered over to the high school and volunteered to sort books for the upcoming library book sale. I attend the sale every year, but I never worked it before. It was overwhelming! Boxes and boxes and bag after bag of books! Some were so esoteric I couldn't believe anyone would devote themselves to researching, writing and then publishing them (mathematics as taught in Victorian classrooms, for example). The variety in some boxes was a little surprising -- the same household donated both Danielle Steele romances and scholarly studies of the Royal Canadian Navy's role in WWII.

But one Mariano's bag of books made me feel like I knew the donor. Seeing what she read and how she packed the books gave me an insight into her. She's precise -- all the books were packed into the bag so you could easily read the spines, She's a heavy smoker -- the books reeked, but she probably didn't notice. She once had a cat -- one of the books was a cat care book published way back in the 1950s. She loves mysteries -- especially Evanovich and Grafton. And she has a bad back -- there were books about coping with back and neck distress.

In exchange for my efforts, I got to take any paperback I wanted for 25¢. I chose a very well-worn Agatha Christie called A Murder Is Announced. This edition was published in 1991. On 6/8/95, the Charlestown Branch Library marked it as "discard or destroy." I'm glad someone rescued it, but how did it travel the 1000 miles from Massachusetts to Chicagoland? I wish Miss Marple could solve the mystery of the book itself for me, as well as the contents.

Then I had a lovely, leisurely lunch at the newish (opened in April) restaurant that opened a few blocks from the high school. It was quiet and cool, and the pulled pork sandwich was delicious. I didn't really want the side salad, but I must eat like a grown up. I had a summer mule, and it always makes me happy to find new ways to enjoy vodka.

Grocery shopping, nap, Cub game. It's all tied up at 1-1 in the top of the 9th. Gulp! If we win this game, we're in sole possession of first place, thank you very much! If we lose, we stay tied. (My, but it's hard to type with fingers crossed.)