Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: The Times of Your Life

1) This song is all about memories. How far back can you remember? What's your earliest memory? I remember pressing my hand down on a red leather ottoman. I was using it to steady myself as I stood up. According to my mother, I was just under a year old. We moved right around my first birthday and that chair/ottoman set didn't make the move.

2) The first line is "Good morning, yesterday." What do you remember about yesterday morning? I was mad at myself because I crashed on the sofa. I hate when I do that.

3) This song was originally a 60-second jingle, featured in a commercial for Kodak film. Do you ever use film? Or are all your pictures digital? Digital.

4) Who took the most recent photo of you? It was right after Christmas dinner. I was so happy to be in Key West, on the water with people I love, that I ran into the ocean. My friend snapped the picture.

5) This week's featured artist, Paul Anka, was born in Canada and enjoyed appearing in a made-for-TV Perry Mason movie with fellow Canadian, Raymond Burr. Do you enjoy courtroom dramas? Yes. Lately I've been watching the People vs. OJ Simpson, even though obviously I know show it ends.

6) At 15, Anka won a supermarket contest by collecting the most Campbell soup can wrappers. The prize was a trip to New York. Do you enter contests and sweepstakes? Play the lottery? I've got a couple lottery tickets in my wallet right now that I should check.

7) This year Paul Anka performed throughout Florida (Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Clearwater and Fort Myers). The Sunshine State is a popular vacation destination. Do you have a favorite spot in Florida? I've been to Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Key West. I've enjoyed them all but I've spent the most time in Key West.

8) In 1976, the year this song was on the charts, an earthquake hit China. Have you ever experienced an earthquake? In 2008 there was a 5.2 earthquake here in Chicago. It was a little before dawn, and it startled me awake. I don't know anyone who was injured or suffered any property damage that day.

9) Random question: Do you know CPR? Nope.