Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Thursday Thirteen #314

Thirteen characters in the Watergate saga. 50 years ago this summer, the American press and much of the public were consumed by the scandal that ultimately brought down our 37th President. I’m both an old broad and a news junkie, so I remember all these names and most of the faces.* How about you?

1. Richard M. Nixon. POTUS entering his last year in office in summer 1973.
2. John Dean. White House counsel who provided important testimony, served time.
3. Chuck Colson. Special counsel to the President, served time.
4. HR “Bob” Haldeman. Crew cut White House Chief of Staff, served time.
5. John Erlichman. Nixon’s chief domestic advisor, served time.
6. John Mitchell. Former AG, head of Nixon’s re-election campaign, served time.
7. G. Gordon Liddy. Former CIA operative, Nixon loyalist, member of the re-election campaign, served time.
8. E. Howard Hunt. Former CIA operative, author of spy novels, member of the re-election campaign, served time.
9. Fred Larue. Campaign financial guy, the one who handed the burglars the money, served time.
10. Maurice Stans. Nixon Cabinet official turned campaign fundraiser, indicted but acquitted.
11. Robert Mardian. Re-election campaign lawyer who was convicted, and then his conviction was overturned.
12. Jeb Stuart Magruder. Kinda cute campaign operative who testified a lot on TV.
13. Alexander Butterfield. White House aide who gave us our “Perry Mason” moment when he told the Watergate committee, on national TV, that Nixon had an Oval Office taping system.

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 *Sorry, Bob Mardian, but I only remember your name, not your face.