Thursday, March 17, 2016

Look! I'm smiling!

I feel the clouds slowly parting and smiling is a little easier. All because of our new Account Director, aka AD.

So far, he's everything I hoped he'd be. He's smart about marketing. He knows the products. With that combo, I'm certain to learn from him. He's unrelentingly positive. And he likes me.

People are nicer to me, now that AD is installed and clearly sees me as an asset. The new Mr. Big spoke to me today for the first time since he joined the agency in November. Honest. After four months. He admitted this, saying, "I suck." Well, yes, Mr. Big, you do. But the important thing is, he sought me out today. He told me that he knows how important I am and will continue to be to AD.

My boss treats me better when AD is within earshot. Apparently my boss wants AD to think that he and I have a casual and fun relationship. (Barf.) Other account execs are friendlier when AD is around, too.


I don't feel like going into it all right now, but 2016 has been shaping up as the worst year ever. I am so grateful for a bright spot.