Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Thursday Thirteen #328

The 13 languages spoken most often in the US. Here in Chicago, the languages I hear spoken around me are primarily English, followed by Spanish and a smattering of Polish. But that doesn't reflect our country. According to Wikipedia, these are languages most commonly spoken at home in the United States.

Remember, this refers to conversation within a household. That doesn't mean that our neighbors don't understand English, our national language.

1. English (80% of households speak English exclusively)

2. Spanish

3. Chinese

4. Tagalog

5. Vietnamese

6. Modern Standard Arabic

7. French

8. Korean

9. Russian

10. Portugese

11. Haitian Creole

12. Hindi

13. German

Does this reflect your neighborhood? I know I was surprised that Polish came in at #14. When I'm in the hallway I can hear my neighbor Hannah on the phone, speaking Polish.

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