Tuesday, July 30, 2019


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1. What are you currently reading? Death on Deadline (Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe) by Robert Goldsborough. I thought the Nero Wolfe series ended in the 1980s, when creator Rex Stout died. How did I not know about Robert Goldsborough's continuation?

 It's delicious to spend time in Wolfe's brownstone again. Robert Goldsborough has nailed the voice of Wolfe's assistant Archie Goodwin, who, as always, narrates the action. In this story, a reprehensible media titan (imagine Fox News' Rupert Murdoch) tries to take over Wolfe's favorite newspaper, the fictional New York Gazette. Wolfe chooses to insert himself in the proceedings, even though there is no case and no client. Archie is confused yet fascinated, since his boss is as lazy as he is brilliant, and not inclined to doing any more work than is absolutely necessary. Once Wolfe gets involved, a dead body turns up. 

I am enjoying this immensely and don't want it to end. Mr. Goldsborough has earned my gratitude for giving me a little more time with my dear old friend, Archie.

2. What did you recently finish reading? Let's Play Two: The Legend of Mr. Cub, The Life of Ernie Banks by Ron Rapoport. As a lifelong Cub fan, I revere Ernie. I know the stats: 512 home runs, back-to-back MVP awards, 14 All Star games ... and no World Series ring. I adored his upbeat public persona, but knew little about his life off the diamond. 

His life was not at all what it seemed. The man who never turned down a kid who wanted an autograph was more isolated than I ever knew. The man who always had a grin for the fans was smiling through Jim Crow, divorce, and regrets. Ernie died in 2015 -- he didn't live to see the Cubs finally win The World Series in 2016 -- and now the people in his life felt comfortable sharing freely to this author. 
I finished the book sad. Ernie deserved better. I wish him nothing but peace and love where he is now.
3.  What will you read next? I think it's time for chick lit. Something light and frothy.