Friday, April 10, 2009


Maybe it's because my first week back from vacation was pretty rough. Maybe it's because holidays tend to make me a little more introspective than usual. Maybe it's because the Cubs lost to the Brewers. But tonight, I'm filled with longing, an ache for things I can't have.

I want …

• My mom to be young again.

• To have someone who loves me, romantically loves me, that I can have good, clean, dirty fun in bed with.

• My former size 6 body.

• A pretty face.

• To know when the Recession will be over.

• To convince everyone to adopt shelter pets.

• Just a half-hour more with my grandpa. Just 30 more minutes.

• To have more and need less (of everything).

I know, I know. I have been blessed with much in life and I really am grateful. But still, I want ...

A 35¢ Act of Kindness

Today at lunch I stopped at McDonald's on my way back to the office. As I waited for my order (I substituted fries with a healthier yogurt parfait) I observed the man at the next register trying to place his. I don't know that he was homeless, but his clothes were unmistakably not Downey fresh. I don't know that he was deaf, but he certainly was mute. He handed the cashier a list and kept gesturing "three." Then he laid two singles and four quarters on the counter. Unfortunately the tab was $3.35.

I lingered a moment because I wanted to make up the 35¢ if it was necessary. It wasn't. The cashier filled the order, even though his customer was 35¢ short. This was done with a minimum of fanfare. The manager wasn't called over. I'm not even sure the customer realized what kindness he'd been shown.

It made me very happy.