Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday Stealing

121. Have you gone rock climbing? If not, would you? No. No.

122. Do you believe in forever love in a romantic relationship? Yes. Just haven't found it myself.

123. As a kid did you ever sneak anyone into your house? No.

124. Do you personally know anyone homeless? I know Kathy, who could no longer afford her own apartment and had to move in to her adult daughter's dining room.

125. Do you believe in aliens? Yes. And President Obama is on a "more just, more fair" way of handling their status. OH! You meant Muldaur/Scully little green men? No, I don't really believe in them.

126. Have you ever killed someone? No. I once "gave mouth-to-mouth to a bottle of tequila, but I lost her." (Quote courtesy of Robert Redford in The Electric Horseman.)

127. What would it take for you to sell your soul to a devil? There is no devil.

128. Top or bottom? Bottom. Sometimes it's really much nicer to let him drive. 

129. Are you happy with your career? Comparatively speaking. I spent yesterday with my friend, John, who is currently unemployed. That made me a bit more appreciative of what I have. While I'm often not crazy about the agency where I work, I really have an enormous amount of respect for the client I work for.

130. What's your favorite store to buy clothes? Why? Lately Macy's. It used to be Carson's (or Bergner's, depending on where you live). But Macy's has more petites, and I'm both vertically challenged and hate hemming things.

131. What is your eye color? Green. I have pretty eyes. There aren't many things about my appearance I'm crazy about, but I do have nice eyes.

132. Watching or playing sports? I love my Cubs. Let's watch this catch again, shall we?

133. Would you have plastic surgery? No. There are enough injectibles and topical treatments available these days that I don't think I have to resort to being (gulp!) slicked.

134. Name one website that you visit daily. Why do you read it? Huffington Post. Because every day there's at least one headline that pulls me in.

135. Are you going on vacation this year? If so, where?  I went to the Spa at Colonial Williamsburg in April, and I'll be spending New Year's here.

136. How do you align yourself politically? I'm a liberal.

137. Do you have any pets? Yes. Three cats: Joey, Charlotte and Reynaldo.

138. Do you believe in soul mates? Yes.

139. What’s one trait that you hate about yourself? My lack of judgement. Yesterday I had a ballpark hotdog, chicken tenders, fries and booze. I am paying for it today. I'm thinking maybe vegans may be onto something.

140. How long have you played Sunday Stealing? Since August 31, 2008.