Saturday, March 19, 2016

Of course, back then I had a cuter rack

Alas, no longer me
It occurred to me today that I'm living the same life I had when I was 19. Only in those days, my bust was perkier.

When I was 19, I was living in a place that was falling apart. Ditto. Back then, I wasted 2-3 hours every weekend at the laundromat. And guess where I spent this sunny Saturday? At the same laundromat! Naturally, I hated it. On the other hand, I'm a little glad that it's still there.

What was then an Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips franchise is now a Wendy's, where I got a completely adequate burger. However, since burgers are are still a rather new addition to my 2016 diet, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Three washers used to cost me 17 quarters ($4.25), and today I had to plug in a staggering 41 coins ($10.25). I lost track of how much I spent on the dryers.

Today I brought my own Lysol wipes. This is an enhancement over the olden days, when I had to wipe down the folding table with a damp paper towel.

I was the only Caucasian there today. Besides an Asian man who worked there, everyone there was African American. I wasn't uncomfortable, but I was aware. I thought about my friend John. He regularly points out, "Once again, I'm the only black man at the table." Today I was the only white woman.

Oh well. It's done. Hopefully, but next week we'll have new washers here at my condo. If not, well, I have two weeks worth of clean clothes to tide me over.

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Kiss from a Rose (1996)
1) This song is from the movie, Batman Forever. The movie Batman v. Superman will be out later this month. In that matchup, who do you support -- The Caped Crusader or The Man of Steel? I always choose Batman. And in my world, Adam West is the only Caped Crusader. He's just too completely awesome.


2) "Rose" became a popular name in the 19th century, when parents also began naming their daughters "Iris," "Violet," "Daisy" and "Lily." Do you know anyone who has a flower name? I have a cousin named Rose.

3) This week's artist, Seal, has something to fall back on. At his parents' insistence, before he pursued music he got an associate degree in architecture from a small college in Westminster. What's the last grade you completed? Twelve. I didn't last long at college. I only have a handful of credits.

4) Seal wrote this song back in the 1980s but didn't really like it very much. His producer discovered it when they were looking for material to complete Seal's second album and the result was several Grammys. Tell us about a time when something turned out better than you thought it would. I went to the dermatologist this week and passed my annual mole exam with flying colors!

5) Ex-wife Heidi Klum is not the only model in Seal's life. He also dated Tyra Banks. Can you name another famous model? Here's the one I grew up on.

6) Seal is currently involved with yet another model, Australian Erica Packer. Between them they have seven children. How many siblings do you have, and are you the oldest, youngest, or in the middle? I'm the middle daughter of three.

7) Seal's birthday was back on February 19. Let's think about your birthday. If you could have any type of cake you wanted, what would you request? I've always wanted a gingerbread birthday cake.

8) In 1996, when this song was popular, Lyle and Erik Menendez were found guilty of murdering their parents in a crime and trial that dominated the news in Los Angeles. What are people in your town talking about? The White Sox are having trouble in their clubhouse, with the players chafing under the rule of Vice President Kenny Williams.

9) Random question: There's an old saying, "Like nails on a blackboard." Sam can't recall ever hearing nails on a blackboard, but she knows she hates the sound of a dripping faucet. What sound bothers you the most? I hate, hate the sound of cardboard scratching against cardboard, like when you're assembling or breaking down a packing box.

Paul McCartney sent me flowers!

Fred from the mail room sat down in our clown car to watch me tear the paper away, saying, "I MUST see who sent the Gal flowers!"

The card read, "Sir Paul."

Fred simply refused to believe that the small bouquet of daisies and mums was from The Cute One.

Turns out they were from my oldest friend. She's been rather self-involved and absent lately, and was shocked when I responded to her "what's new?" with a list that included cancer, a car accident and an unexpected $5,000 expense in rapid succession.

So this gesture was not only to cheer me up, but to apologize for not being available when I needed her. I appreciate it on both counts.

What a lovely way to end the week.