Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gratitude Challenge -- Day 12

"Every day for 30 days, celebrate what you're grateful for, corresponding to the theme of the day." 

Day #12 -- Texture
This is my Goody hairbrush. I love how it makes my hair look. I love how the bristles feel against my scalp. I love how easy it is to find in my handbag. That's why I have four of them (purse, bathroom, bedroom and coffee table).

I am grateful that if I need a fifth, it's still as nearby as my local Walgreen's.

I'm safe from any threats by a shoe lace

My Joey is starting to feel better. On Tuesday he was his usual big old purr box self, and even played a bit, first swatting at my necklace and then treating my shoe lace like prey.

He just needs time to heal. He's had a rough 10 days, battling a kidney infection, and he has another 10 days of antibiotics to go.

I realize he'll never be young again. I look rambunctious young Connie and vital Reynaldo and understand that Joey is nearing the end of his life journey. But I'm no longer afraid that this infection will be what kills him.