Monday, March 02, 2009

Nice work if you can get it

Hepburn had quite a life, didn't she? High cheekbones, limitless charisma, effortless grace, awesome talent ... and men. She had real-life affairs with Howard Hughes, John Ford, Leland Hayward and Spencer Tracy. As if that weren't enough, she was immortalized on film having James Stewart and Cary Grant compete for her in The Philadelphia Story. As I watch it again tonight, I'm struck by how phenomenally attractive they both were in 1940. Way to go, Kate!

Monday Movie Meme #2

Is the movie ever really BETTER than the book, comic book, musical, play, folk story, or true life story?

These 3 Are:

The Godfather, definitely! I went back and tried to reread the novel not that long ago, and it has none of the elegance of the movie. It's just kinda pulpy and gory, with a little sex thrown in there now and again. But the movie aspires to, and achieves, so much more.

The Natural. Malamud's book may not be worse than the movie, but it's certainly different (and darker), and the movie is very dear to me.

Breakfast at Tiffany's. Capote's novella is not a romance, and Holly Golightly is more obviously a hooker on the page than onscreen. As with The Natural, I can't give up the Hollywood happy ending, no matter what the author originally envisioned.

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My best friend was called for jury duty today. On the one hand, I hate that I'll only get quick little texts now and again throughout the day. On the other hand, this could be VERY exciting! He's very wise, so I can't imagine how he won't make it through voir dire. If he gets seated, it will take all my (almost negligible) self control to not question him about the case.

Her name was McGill and she called herself "Lil" ...

Your Preppy Name Is: Pyne Winthrop Lenox the Third

But most people know you as Bunny