Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It takes two

One of my more tightly-wound coworkers, Blondie McBlonderson, just spread her tension all around the office yesterday. It really had a negative impact on my mood.

She was trying to prepare for a presentation and get to an 11:00 AM dental appointment and get the project we're working on together ready for release ... sometime (it doesn't have a hard/fast due date). And she was completely stressing out. I can't get over how much calmer and more pleasant it is here today without her.

First of all, Sister, you work at an advertising agency. Expecting to be able to slip away at 10:30 is dumb. Once someone sees you at the office, they will put more stuff on your plate. You should have taken the morning off. 

Secondly, Blondester, you work at an advertising agency. We have presentations and deadlines all the time. It's what we do.

And here's a note to self: Don't let other people's shit pollute your mood pool. I must rise above.