Sunday, March 15, 2009

Scrubbing the sink

And the tub. And the shower walls. And the floor. And the toilet tank. I'll take care of the toilet bowl itself in a bit. (Even though the bottle says it's green and safe, I want to give the bathroom a little time to air out before I add that cleanser to the mix.)

I have the world's tiniest bathroom, and yet it took an hour! Because I hate housework and am not particularly good at it, I always feel virtuous when I complete a task.

I KNOW why I'm watching this one

I have errands to run and chores to do. Yet I'm watching this TV Guide countdown of film's sexiest men of all time. Denzel ... Clooney ... Brando ... Redford ... Gable ... I just heard the narrator use the phrase, "spectacularly sexy." Yes, at their best, they all were. How can I run errands or take out the trash when I'm swooning?

"Sunday Mornings Mean George"

So say the ABC promos, and I must agree. I was once unshakably loyal to Meet the Press, but that was because of the late, lamented Tim Russert. David Gregory isn't Tim Russert, not by a long shot. Nor is he as attractive as George Stephanopolous (not by a long shot).

In addition to being a cutie, Stephanopolous knows Washington and has real, informed history with many in the current administration. His dismal performance in the Democratic Presidential debates made me nervous about how he would handle the Obama White House. But I watched him with Larry Summers this morning and felt he did a fine job (and I loved his bright tie, too.)