Tuesday, April 28, 2020

"I'm your doctor now."

The sweetest words I've heard in a long time! I had a teleconference with an internist yesterday and it was so cool!

I've been without a doctor since mid-January, when my new doctor chose to leave the practice. (Good riddance, by the way.) The nurse practitioner I saw for my bronchitis recommended this doctor, but every time I tried to get an appointment, she had to reschedule. When there's a pandemic, my annual check up simply isn't a priority.

But here's the thing: my Epipen expires in July. I'm allergic to bee sting and I need a new prescription. Sooner rather than later. As warmer weather approaches, Epipens are often in short supply.

I called my prospective doctor's office and explained my plight. Her front desk scheduled the teleconference and sent me some e-paperwork. Yesterday doc and I kinda met. We talked for 15 minutes, she asked some high hard ones about my health history, and promised to submit my new prescription immediately. She's already been more responsive than her predecessor.

When I mentioned that I've felt vulnerable, going through this pandemic without a doctor, she reassured me, "I'm your doctor now."


Tuesday 4


1) Besides a house or car, what is the most expensive thing you've ever bought?
I've splurged on vacations, but I think the question refers to something more tangible. So I'll answer with this, a print I purchased and had professionally matted and framed. (To the uninitiated, it's the cover art for The Beatles Anthology.) Klaus Voormann himself signed it! I adore it, and have alerted my niece and nephew to its value. After I croak, I don't want it sold at a garage sale for $5.

2) What is the coldest temperature you've experienced? The warmest?
In January 2019, the mercury dipped to -21º. In July 1995, we saw it soar to 106º. The heat was worse, more uncomfortable and more deadly.

3) Can you name a favorite TV/Radio program that you secretly can't get enough of or one that you will watch every chance you get? Perhaps binge watch?
Now that I'm working from home I spend a little time with him. Every day there's a mini Magnum marathon on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. I love returning to paradise before 9/11, Trump and the pandemic. Also, Selleck was so charming then, before he became a dour Blue Blood obsessed with reverse mortgages. Smile, Tom! Do the eyebrow thing again!

4) What is very wrong but sounds good to most people at first?
Ending self-isolation. Yes, we're all bored with it! I get it that if you live in downstate IL, western NY or northern CA, you may not see many cases of Covid19 and are eager to get on with your life. But stop being so self-centered and think. How will you prevent people in your town from interacting with Chicagoans, New Yorkers or Los Angelenos? Obviously, you cannot.

Here's your chance to put others first in a very real way. Be patriotic. Think of first responders and law enforcement and give them a chance to keep us all safe. As our governor reminds us, "You can't have a livelihood if you don't have a life."