Saturday, October 12, 2019

That was a nothingburger

My GP retired in August. This made me very sad, because I trusted her implicitly. I can't say I was surprised, though. I knew she was by now 65 or perhaps a little older, and I knew she was tiring of her the drama and politics surrounding how the practice was being run. Once day, back in 2016, she said, "I think I'd work forever if only they'd play nice."

So I was faced with a dilemma: do I go with the new, in-practice doctor recommended for me, or do I doctor shop? I decided to stay in-practice because the new doctor would (theoretically) have access to more than 20 years of my medical history.

Of course, any benefit from staying would depend on the new doctor reviewing my history.  Which he clearly had not before our first meeting in late August.

I was there to get prescriptions refilled and, naturally enough, he wanted to see me before got out his pad. It was obvious during that first visit he had no notion of my history. When he asked for me dates when I had this or that test or vaccine, I'd say, "Isn't it in there?" Likewise when he wanted to know what dosage of these meds I'd been prescribed. I was frustrated.

Also, he referred me to an allergist and a urologist for my allergies and kidney stone. Really? What does my new GP do, just act as traffic cop, referring me to specialists?

I realize that I resist change. I thought maybe I was so pissed at him because he wasn't Dr. Mary, whom he never could be, and that maybe I should give him a second chance.

So, when I began getting robocalls saying that I needed a follow up visit to discuss my test results -- turns out my A1c is 6, which indicated pre-diabetes -- I went back. After all, I need a flu shot.

What a nothingburger! He did give me a breast exam and a flu shot, but he was notably more chill and less condescending. (At our first meeting, he asked me if knew I had varicose veins. Gee, no I didn't. I'm never naked and don't own a mirror.)

He's not convinced my high blood sugar is due to diet, since my cholesterol is better than it's been in years. He think it could be my decidedly sedentary lifestyle and wants me to move more and then we'll check it on six months.

His only dick moment came when, in a discussion of exercise, I mentioned* my chiropractor had recently given me the go-ahead to resume exercise. Oh? Did this chiropractor take any x-rays? Did this chiropractor read the x-ray himself? Hmmmm .... it would be helpful if the chiropractor sent the x-ray to my doctor's office. Oh, I get it, Mr. MD. You're just better than my chiropractor. Um ... no you're not. And besides, even if my chiropractor sent the x-ray over, I have no faith this doctor would even look at it.

OK! I admit I miss Dr. Mary soooooo much!

*This was already in my chart, too, you know!


  1. Oh, this story makes me dread the transition to my new doctor. I haven't met her yet--not until my January appointment.

  2. I despise male doctors. They are always condescending towards me and once they hear my mental health history, then everything is because of stress and the fact that I'm half crazy. If they had lived my life, they'd be half crazy, too.


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