Thursday, December 12, 2019

How do you square this circle?

I know there are many bloggers who consider themselves good Christians and yet support Donald Trump. They insist he is prayerful and reflects their Christian values.

Yet Donald Trump regularly goes after Greta Thunberg, a teenage girl who is battling Asperger syndrome. For those of you who may not understand it, Asperger impairs a person's ability to understand and modulate gestures and tone of voice.

Tell me how making fun of her reflects Christ's teachings?

Earlier this week, the President mocked the security teamed assigned to keep him safe. 

I know that we're all human, and we each have our weak, unkind moments. Christians are supposed to feel remorse for this. Instead, our President and his supporters applaud this. At the rally, people literally cheered. His bully tweet of Greta Thunberg got tens of thousands of likes.

I am as offended and confused by the President's uber-Christian supporters as I am by him.

I hope someday (soon) the radical right will let me have my faith back.