Friday, September 25, 2015

September Challenge -- Days 24 and 25

Day 24: What I wish I could have skipped today (Thursday)?

That jaw-dropping moment when my boss told me I could not have 10/8 off, after all.

When I requested the day, saying that I had been saving a handful of days of to celebrate my Cub playoff victories, he was very cavalier and said, "They're your days. Take 'em whenever you want."

Until I try to take one.

The client will be here on 10/8 and he wants me to do a presentation about The Big Project.

It's so unfair I could cry in frustration. No one else on this team has ever had to reschedule a vacation day.

Day 25: Was I in control of this day?

Pretty much. Since my boss spoke to Christine the Mole, things have been going more smoothly. That includes a meeting today that I kind of insisted we have, and it went well.