Tuesday, May 23, 2023


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1. What are you currently reading? Elizabeth and Monty: The Untold Story of Their Intimate Friendship by Charles Casillo. Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift were impossibly beautiful and in 1951, they were cast as lovers in A Place in the Sun. It was the beginning of an intense, lifelong friendship. 
I'm enjoying this study of platonic love. Friendships can be the most powerful, sustaining relationships of our lives. Yet they don't get the attention paid to romances and siblings. That Elizabeth and Monty each had a major penchant for drama makes this even more interesting.

2. What did you recently finish reading? New Tricks by David Rosenfelt. A multimillionaire biochemist is murdered, leaving his adult son and young second wife at odds. Not over his money. Over his puppy, the offspring of an insanely expensive Bermese show dog. When a dog is in trouble, lawyer Andy Carpenter is always ready to help.
The custody case gets suddenly more complicated when people in the biochemist's inner circle also get dead. Andy needs to get to the bottom of this. He's committed to seeing justice done, of course, but he also wants to be sure the puppy won't be in the custody of the next assassination target, or perhaps even the assassin.

I always enjoy an Andy Carpenter mystery. Andy is my dream man -- sports fan, smart ass, d0g lover and coward when it comes to derring-do. (In my fantasies, I'm never a widow.) This is one of the stronger entries in the series. The mystery takes us into the worlds of dog shows, high finance, and scientific research. Interesting stuff.
3. What will read next? I don't know.