Monday, April 23, 2018

April Challenge -- Day 23

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A fun family event

On Friday, May 25, my nephew graduates from high school. I am very emotional about this. 

I'm happy to see it happen. He hasn't liked high school, didn't feel like he belonged.* He needs a fresh start, and perhaps at college, in a bigger pond, it will be easier for him to find his tribe. It will be fascinating to watch him evolve.

On the other hand, it makes me sad. The little boy who read the Cubs box scores with me, who loved Thomas, the Tank Engine so much, who cried so easily, who always fell asleep when I pushed him in his stroller is gone forever. A man stands in his place. A man I admire, for sure, but no longer a boy.

In addition to little presents, I've socked away $200 or so for him. I like thinking of how happy he will be with the cash. And it will be fun to see him in the moment he says goodbye to this chapter in his life and looks ahead to the next.


*He was disgusted when his classmates walked out in support of the Parkland students, and then simply went home. Many didn't even attend the rally protesting gun violence, and they certainly didn't come back to class.

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