Friday, March 26, 2010

Sorry, but I can't

I tried to watch the PBS/Chicago Tonight interview with Karl Rove, I really did. After all, in this fractious political atmosphere I should try to learn from others who feel differently than I do. Sincere, serious, patriotic dyed-in-the-wool conservatives may not be able to change my mind, but it may be valuable to learn why they feel the way do. And Chicago Tonight is a good, reasonable and fair platform.

But listening to Rove try to square the circle between his likely/possibly gay father's lifestyle and his own exploitation and politicization of gay marriage made me want to puke. It sounds just as insincere and cynical coming from his own lips as it did when I considered his motives from a distance.

So I turned it off a few minutes in.

Something in the way he moves ...

I'm enjoying my "stolen" day off with the two coolest guys in the world, Newman and Redford. It's still early in The Sting, Newman hasn't appeared yet, so I'm concentrating on Redford. It's not painful duty. Redford at age 37 is a very nearly perfect specimen.

His Johnny Hooker is immature, impatient, and wily. What I never noticed before is how well his movements -- walk, hand gestures, cocky jut of the jaw -- match the character. I think I have spent so much time enchanted by him as a movie star that I neglected to notice he's an actor.

Treat the Children's Miracle Network

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