Monday, February 03, 2020

Tuesday 4


1. Are you an impulse buyer or do you weigh the value/cost/necessity before you buy? Impulse

2. What do you really resent having to pay for?  Duller-than-dull necessities, especially light bulbs.

3. Do you have  favorite brands of household cleaners, detergents, soaps? Can you tell us why you like them? Maybe you will give us better ideas. (1) I have two cats, and it seems I'm always cleaning up after them, so I take my paper towels very seriously. My go-to is Viva. They don't tear or fall apart, and they don't leave "lint" behind. (2) I've tried many ways to clean my toilet bowl, and have decided old school is best: Comet cleanser and a brush. (3) For protein-based stains -- like blood or chocolate -- shampoo makes a good pre-treat.

4. What is a typical day of housekeeping for you? Procrastination and avoidance.