Saturday, December 25, 2010

Diva as Scrooge

From the final concert in A Diva's Christmas Carol, starring Vanessa Williams as pop star "Ebony Scrooge." Enjoy!

The joy of Christmas

During last night's service we heard the story of a missionary in Africa who received a beautiful seashell as a gift from a student. He had walked a long way -- to the coast of Africa to get the special shell for his teacher.

"You've traveled so far to bring me such a wonderful present," the missionary teacher told him.

""Oh, teacher," the boy replied, "long walk part of gift!"

I must remember this -- today and all year.

Holidailies -- Day 25

My new favorite Christmas carol. Last night, during the candlelight service, we sang "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing," and though I have probably heard and sung this a thousand times over the years, last night it really touched me.

Peace on earth and mercy mild; God and sinner, reconciled

This has been my first Christmas without my uncle. Because of the toll his illness took, our last meaningful contact was a phone call last Christmas Eve.

Being in church, singing those words, helped heal my heart. For there would never be any peace on earth for my uncle, not any more. Ending his life was one of God's mercies, and now He and my uncle are "reconciled" -- together in peace, now and for all eternity.

This was undoubtedly the Merriest Christmas my uncle has had in years.

I miss him still, of course, but I'm very glad he's at peace and at rest.