Friday, May 11, 2018

History was made, and I missed it!

My friend Kathy fell into excellent seats for Wednesday's Cub and offered to take me as her "date." Alas, I was unable to go because we're suddenly slammed at work. And somehow, as always when Kathy is at the center of things, there was attendant drama. How would we get to the park? Where would she park? If there was a rain delay, would she be able to get to her evening appointment in time? More than 41,000 people get to and from The Friendly Confines for every game. It isn't as big a production for any of them as it always is for Kathy!

Isn't he lovely? Isn't he wonderful?
Still, I really appreciated that as soon as she got the tickets, she thought of me. And I really wish I could have gone because it was a Cub game that will be remembered always.

Kris Bryant hit his 100th home run! Unlikely and charmingly enough, three years to the date after his first home run. He's also the youngest Cub to ever enter this exclusive club ... younger even than the loved and legendary Ernie Banks!

Aware of his role model status, KB referred to achieving this milestone as "special" and said he was, "really dang happy."