Friday, April 12, 2013

Who's the happiest girl in the whole USA?

That would be ME! For today is moving day at work. As of 5:30 today, I will no longer be sitting in this crazy overcrowded clown car of an office! Beginning Monday, and through July,* I'll be in my very own little office with walls and a door and ... best of all ... my very own 5-shelf cabinet!

I have lived alone since I got my own apartment at age 18. As a youngster I never shared a room with either of my sisters. I love my alone time. And this sharing an office with THREE OTHER PEOPLE has been very difficult, very taxing for me.

But beginning again Monday, I'll have my own space and easy access to my own files and I'm happy, happy, happy.

*As long as I still work here. One never knows around here these days.