Monday, December 21, 2009

Perhaps I should feel bad, but I don't

Instead I feel quite important.

The two freelancers my boss brought in were huddled together. One began, "She just has a way ..." Then he saw it was The Gal Herself on the approach and lowered his voice to inaudible. I like to think he ended his assessment with, "… a way of busting me when I get all pretentious and take my sweet time on a project, just to run out the clock and make myself an extra buck or two."

After Wednesday I don't believe I'll ever see him again, so what the hell. For now I'll just add a touch of swagger to my walk, as befits She Who Has a Way.

Office Observations

Everyone seems to be in a good mood. Perhaps it's because today is "Kids Day" here at the office, and none of us wants to use the F word in front of a wee one.

I have a project I could get started on, but ... well, I don't feel like it. The deadline is January 14, and I don't know how far off that is because I haven't hung my new calendar yet.

Also, my feet are cold. How can I be inspired to great work with cold feet? I have an extra pair of socks (in an awful melony color) in the bottom drawer. I may just have to break them out.

My boss left much of his work undone before he went off for vacation. So far, no one has asked me to pitch in. Which is good, because while I appreciate that the Christmas-y thing to do would be to accept the added responsibility and dive right in, I'm also still pissed that he wasn't nicer about my gift to him.

Listening to carols, which leads me to inventory the Christmas decorations I have displayed through my humble work abode:
• Santa on the door
• Christmas dog and snowman on the windows
• Little Drummer Bear above the file cabinet
• Red and green bows on the file cabinet
• Ornament and stocking hung on bulletin board
• A tiny creche beside my pencil sharpener. Just Mary, Joseph, the Baby and a lamb. It's too small for anything more, but that's OK. It's my favorite.