Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Stealing

Taking Stock Meme 

Making: plans for the day

 Cooking: or rather, defrosting, a salmon filet

 Drinking: Slim Fast creamy chocolate shake

 Reading: The Patriarch, a wonderful biography of Joseph P. Kennedy. I will miss this epic book when I finally finish it.

 Wanting: The laundry room to myself this afternoon. Two washers/dryers for 24 apartments. UGH!

 Looking: for my rings. Where did I leave them?

 Wasting: time by farting on the internet

 Wishing: and Hoping

 Enjoying: my Sunday

 Waiting: for Godot

 Liking: my new sweatpants. I bought them last year and put them away, but now that it's a cold day, it's time to put them to use.

 Wondering: what the future will bring

 Loving: this time of year

 Listening: to the news
 Needing: to take a shower

 Smelling: nothing. Not a damn thing.

 Wearing: my pjs

 Following: hundreds of people on Twitter

 Noticing: that my skin is mega dry earlier this year

 Knowing: that this week will be busy at work

 Thinking: that I ought to get off my fat ass and get going

 Feeling: lazy

 Bookmarking: lots of stuff

 Opening: mail. Time to pay my mid-month bills.

 Giggling: over A Hard Day's Night. Just watched it again yesterday and love how funny it is.

Gratitude Challenge -- Day 16

"Every day for 30 days, celebrate what you're grateful for, corresponding to the theme of the day." 

Day #16 -- Something that makes me laugh

My oldest friend has always, always been able to make me laugh. We laugh over stupid stuff, which is often a relief. She's been keeping me amused for half a century. Next week we're going to Vegas together for my birthday, and I'm very grateful that I have her to celebrate with.

Spa Weekend -- Day 1

Yesterday I took myself to a local salon for a massage and facial. I had a coupon, so it was less than $100, including tip. That it wasn't too expensive helped me relax more.

The aesthetician told me my skin was in "very good" shape, which surprised me because that's no way to retail product. But it did make me happy to hear. The masseur was a little too blabby for my taste. I think because he's male and a foreigner (he described himself to me as "an Israeli Jew") he was afraid that I'd be uncomfortable and was trying to put me at ease. I wasn't ill at ease. But it was a good massage.

I literally sang all the way home. (The Boss in my headphones.) I'm grateful that so many people walk up the street talking to their hands free. It probably made me look a little less loony to the cars that passed me. (Very few pedestrians, as it was one of our first really cold days.)