Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And the mole stays in the picture

No, not him. The one on my face.

Saw the dermatologist this afternoon. He's almost 100% sure that nothing serious is going on with the mole. His guess is that it's abraded, and that the migraine meds I took acted as blood thinners, which exacerbated the bleeding.

He's not thrilled with how it's healing, but feels that's more likely because I continue to irritate it. So he gave me some salve to wear overnight (in case I touch it in my sleep) and in the shower (in case I scrub too hard when I wash my face) and wants to see it again next month.

But he's sure I'm fine.

Yea! Hooray!

Kids and money

I've been thinking about my nephew's behavior during our recent getaway together to Springfield. He was very thoughtful about my money. Before he replied to the waitress about a refill on his milk, he looked to me. When he used my cellphone to call home, he always proudly announced he got "the entire call done in less than 9 minutes!" It's important to note that I never mentioned the cost of anything regarding this trip, except that he'd have to use his allowance for souvenirs.

He's 9. I'm wondering if his awareness of money and his thoughtfulness about not squandering is good manners to be applauded, or perhaps his father's recent periods of unemployment have made him worrisome about matters that he shouldn't yet be bothered with.