Thursday, August 13, 2009

09 August Happiness Challenge -- Day 13

Thursday. Free cookies. My admin always puts cookies outside her cubicle. God bless her. Some days I don't touch them. Some days I need a burst of energy, or to feel like I'm treating myself. Today it's lemon creme, so I took four.

Beautiful day, ugly game

Oh, my poor Cubs! My heroes in blue are on a skid and it makes me so sad. Sunny days like this should be celebrated with hot dogs, cold beer and a victory. Not the spanking we're getting today.

Oh well. We still have time to put together an awesome win streak and leave the Cardinals in the dust by season-end. I just wish there was a slaughter rule, or perhaps euthanasia, so we could put this Phillies game behind us and focus on the future already!

The newest magnet on my refrigerator door

Well I, on the other hand, think it's funny. 

Rockin' with AARP's cover boy

Weird, busy day at work and I have to keep my energy up. So I've declared this SPRINGSTEEN DAY in my office. As I was bopping along (in my deskchair -- I probably look like a hideous dweeb) to a live, bootleg version of "Raise Your Hand," I remembered that the Boss himself is waiting for me at home ... on the dining room table ... as he graces the cover of the new AARP magazine.

Bruce makes me think that 60 is the new 35.