Saturday, March 19, 2011


That's how much I paid for Dino Safari Play Set at CVS -- after my discount and coupon. I am not going to let my new austerity initiative ruin any child's Christmas. I mean, wasting too much money on too many handbags and too many vodka-inis over the last two years can't/won't stop me from dropping a ton o' stuff into the bins at local toy drives. I just have to be vigilant and creative all year around, that's all.

So far I have Snow White Ballerina Barbie, a Strawberry Shortcake "Berry Sweet" Play Set, and the Winter Dreams Lipsmacker Collection. I thought my Christmas 2011 gift bag was skewing a little girly, so I picked this up.

None cost more than $5 on sale!
I feel like quite the intrepid toy hunter.