Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My first Idol post of the season

I like J.Lo as a judge. I didn't expect to, but I do. She's very into it, and her comments are compassionate but relevant. Kind of like an earthbound, sane Paula. Steven Tyler simply cracks me up. He's just as eccentric as I expected him to be. And I still don't care much for Randy, Dawg.

Anyway, I liked Haley's "I'm Your Baby Tonight," even though she left the judges lukewarm. Maybe it's because I always liked that song and haven't heard it in a while ...

Same with Casey's "Feels Like Teen Spirit." It's a cool song that I haven't heard in forever, and I might be responding more to the song than the performance. But still, I thought Casey sounded genuine. "Here we are now/entertain us."

I thought Stefano's "If You Don't Know Me By Now" was completely hitsville. Love the song, love the performance.

Lauren's "I'm the Only One" was great. (How can Melissa Etheridge possibly be gay when we've clearly slept with the same guys?) Her voice was sensual and passionate.

Don't know how I feel about Paul. He is, as Steven said, the very definition of a "cool dude in a loose mood." His Elton cover was memorable but ... a little precious and pretentious. But maybe he'll grow on me. Same with James' Bon Jovi cover. He seemed to working too hard on bringing a rocker/crazy personality to the Idol stage. You, James, are no Daughtry.

The rest? I didn't love 'em or hate 'em. They just didn't stand out for me.

But it's early. I take my Idol very seriously and reserve the right to completely change my mind about everybody next week!

"I'm wearing glasses, so I'm serious."

Yesterday this agency suffered another dozen layoffs. This morning we had a huge meeting to clear the air about it, which was nice. We have endured a certain amount of public scrutiny recently, and it was good to get the news from management instead of the blogosphere.

After the BIG meeting, we had our weekly staff meeting. One of my more enduringly annoying coworkers seems to been shaken up by this last round because she showed up wearing her glasses and asking remedial questions about a project we have been working on since November.

I know she was trying to make an impression and she did. I'm just not sure it's the one she meant to make.

And this is part of why I wish my vacation would just get here. I need an attitude adjustment.

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I Want Wednesday

I want to be on vacation. I want the next week and a half to zoom by. There, I said it.