Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He's happy

It's been nearly a month, but it's clear that my philodendron has taken to his new pot. Lots of new growth, many shiny new leaves. I'm so relieved, because if he's not happy, I'm not happy!

I Want Wednesday

I want to sit in some restaurant bar with my best friend, people watching and talking and talking and learning something new about him and having him make me laugh.

The thermometer or the calendar?

It was 50º+ this morning when I left for work, with the mercury predicted to pass 60º by noon. So I wore my denim jacket over my lightweight cardigan/t-shirt duo and was quite comfortable.

Yet on my way to the train, I saw people wearing heavy jackets and gloves. Gloves, for pity's sake!

Goodness knows it gets cold here in Chicagoland. And once the temperature drops, it tends to stay low for months. So why are people so eager to get into their winter gear? Are they dressing for the calendar rather than the temperature?

Or are they just happy to wear their fall/winter clothes again. I know that when we see the 40ºs later this week, I will enthusiastically pull l out one of my new cashmere sweaters.