Monday, January 31, 2011

That was weird

I had a long dream last night that found me performing an elaborate song and dance number in drag, a la Judy Garland. Carl Reiner was coaching me, and Ashton Kutcher gave me the hat. Conventional dream analysis says that the performance part of the dream indicates my longing to be at the center of someone's attention, or of a specific situation.

How can anyone be asked to explain the unlikely and perhaps even unholy convergence of Carl Reiner and Ashton Kutcher?

I'm so tired of being broke

With all the dire predictions of a major snowstorm heading our way, I find myself not worrying about warmth or food. I am sweating how much I'll owe for snow removal over at my mom's house.

"How much I'll owe" ... it's a familiar theme here. I haven't had a raise in more than three years. Yet everything -- insurance, taxes, assessments -- has gone up. Plus I have been spending too much money.

And I simply must stop.

I have a cushion in that my mortgage is paid through August. I've done that intentionally in case I lose my job. I may find myself skipping my next payment and using that money to pay down my credit cards. Gulp.

I am so sick of worrying about money.

Movie Monday -- Leave It to the Locals

Share movies that feature accents so bad, they might as well have not bothered at all. Then link back here at The Bumbles.

Robert Redford in Out of Africa. Where is Denys from, exactly, anyway? And why does the strength of his accent depend on which scene Redford is playing? Regular readers of this blog know I'm a Bob-o-phile, but (except for this scene ... sigh) this is his worst performance.

Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. I have never been to England and to my knowledge the country has just three accents represented by Ringo Starr, Mary Poppins and Bert the Chimney Sweep. HOWEVER a friend of mine, a loyal subject who grew up in London, tells me that one of his fondest childhood memories was going to the theater with his friends and mocking Dick Van Dyke's performance.