Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: On the Radio (1979)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) The action begins when a letter falls out of the pocket of a brown overcoat. What color is your coat? Olive green, with brown trim.

2) The lyrics ask if it "kinda strikes you sad when you hear our song." We don't want to be sad this Saturday, so we're asking what song makes you happy. Just heard this on the radio and got all swoony. I love Smokey! His voice is so romantic.


3) Right before this song hit the charts, Donna Summer hit the cover of Newsweek. Are there any magazines in your home now? If yes, who is on the cover? Meghan and Harry. I read a lot about those two. I worry about Diana's youngest.

4) Donna wrote the lyrics to this song, while producer Giorgio Moroder wrote the tune. Moroder is known as "the father of disco." Is disco a genre you enjoy? Nope

5) This song got additional airplay throughout the 1980s because the game show The Price Is Right played it every time a contestant won a stereo. Today, the most popular audio equipment sold at Best Buy is a sound bar to improve the quality of TV audio. Have you added a sound bar or sound system to your TV? Nope. I still have a 19 year old Sylvania TV. It still works fine, and I don't want to add it to a landfill if there's no need. Though I can tell its time is coming. (Well done, good and faithful servant.)

6) Moroder has won two Academy Awards for Best Song. The first was for "Flashdance ... What a Feeling" from Flashdance and the second was for "Take My Breath Away" from Top Gun. Do you  have a favorite movie soundtrack? 

The track list is here

7) He grew up in Ortsei, Italy. Located in Northern Italy, the Ortsei
economy is fueled by tourists who ski in winter, hike in summer and shop for woodcarvings all year around. Do out-of-towners find their way to your hometown more often in summer or winter? More in summer, but they're in Chicago all year around. Just this week, I was at CVS in line behind a trio of Asian tourists who were so happy to find rubbing alcohol scented with wintergreen. The stuff we take for granted! That's why I love eavesdropping on tourists.

8) Kourtney Kardashian was born in 1979, the year this record was a hit. Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been on since 2007. Have you ever seen it? Yes. One night, when I was battling a particularly vicious migraine, I stumbled upon an overnight Kardashian marathon. I gotta give it to those girls, they came through for me when it felt like my head was in a vice. They were just interesting enough to distract me from the pain, but not interesting enough to keep me watching when the meds kicked in and sleep blissfully beckoned.

I know Kourtney is the one with the straight hair on the right.

9) Random question -- When getting dressed in the morning, what's the second item of clothing you put on? Bra.