Thursday, April 03, 2014

And so I began

I had my first private training session last night, and I think it went well. He went very slowly with me and I'm not sore today. But I did work up a sweat and even did 2 planks, and held each one for 30 seconds -- a feat I truly didn't think was possible. It's my personal goal to be able to do 10 planks instead of 2.

I needed to feel like I had a win, and my trainer Dwayne helped me get one. I think signing up for these sessions was a good choice for me.

Why I'm scared

I work in Chicago's Loop day in/day out. Guns are a terrible problem in my city. It's always top of mind. One thing that gun rights advocates like to say is that if more law-abiding Chicagoans carried guns, there would be fewer shootings.

I've always felt that if more law-abiding citizens carried guns, we're more likely to be caught in cross fire.

Yesterday there was a second shooting at Ft. Hood. There are a lot of guns, carried in plain sight, on an army base. They didn't deter this gunman. The results are a tragedy.

I fear handguns and don't believe they solve anything.