Sunday, May 29, 2022

Normally baseball makes me happy

I had games in my headphones all day. First Yankees/Rays, then Cubs/White Sox. Three of those teams look really good on paper. (Don't make me be disloyal and admit which one doesn't.) Yet both of these games were sloppy and weird as shit. 

It isn't just that both teams I cheer for lost. It's the hit by pitches, the player interference calls, the strike outs with players left on base ... the hot mess of it all.

Two games 1200 miles apart. It can't be the weather or something in the air. Maybe it's the baseball gods. They were hungry and demanded sacrifice.

I can see by Anthony Rizzo's reaction to striking out that I am not alone in my frustration.

Sometimes I do good

One of her first photos here
When I adopted Constance MacKenzie 8 years ago, she was not in good shape. Her gums were bloody, her breath was terrible and her eyes were so light sensitive she had trouble keeping them open. She had been living with a well-meaning hoarder who loved cats but couldn't give them adequate care. 

It took us a while, but she's healthy now. First we went though medication. Then we added Lysine to each of her meals. She's on a special diet and now gets regular doses of pumpkin to help with constipation. 

Bright eyes!
While I can take credit for staying the course in terms of her care, Connie brought her lovely spirit with her. In 8 years, I have never seen her display temper.* She is affectionate with me but, even better, she is a cat's cat. She slept curled up beside my big old tub of guts, Joey. She engaged Reynaldo in daily play. These days, she grooms Roy Hobbs and makes sure his white stays white.

She has enriched my life enormously and I'm proud I have been able to give her the care she deserves. Adopt, don't shop. And if there's a special needs dog or cat at the shelter that touches your heart, don't shy away. You can do it.

*Although she does mightily resist nail clipping, it's with squirming, never kicking or biting or hissing.

Happy Birthday to My Favorite C Student

I posted this last year, and I'm posting it again because it makes me smile.

In honor of his May 29 birthday, I give you John F. Kennedy's 7th grade report card.

Known as "a prankster" (aka "smart ass"), he could be disruptive in class. Throughout his academic career, teachers commented that he was "charming" and "clever," but none of his report cards was cause for celebration. He was, at best, an undistinguished student until he got to Harvard, where he graduated cum laude. Actually his college grades weren't so hot, either. His senior thesis, however, was outstanding, received a magna, and that high honor put him over.

As a solid C student myself, I love this very, very much. Some of us turn out OK.