Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bring a hero home

Carl is currently serving in Afghanistan …

From the Soldier: Appreciate your assistance.
"Carl is a male cat on our outpost and a favorite of all. As a kitten he made friends with everyone and has brought immeasurable cheer to all around him. The roughest-toughest infantrymen were no match for his charm and affability. Whether he accompanies people as they walk around the outpost, plays with toys constructed specially for him or sits amiably in one's lap, Carl raises morale like none other. Even those who profess to dislike cats have been caught secretly petting, feeding and doting on young Carl. He has been known to kill camel spiders and scorpions in defense of his two-legged friends and has become an international superstar as families back home have heard about him and sent treats back our way for him. As there is a new policy in place that forbids pets and mascots it is our sincerest wish to get our friend Carl home safe to the United States. Thanks so much for willing to help us out.

I am hoping to get home to our 1SG's house, where a loving family is already ready for his arrival. 1SG's children eagerly question him about Carl every time
he contacts home and I know they would be super delighted if Carl could indeed become part of their family.

Thanks again, this means so much. No Way is Carl going to be left behind! Lets Rally the Troops and get Carl to the 1SG's children in The Land of the Free, BECAUSE of the BRAVE!

Thank You for your service Soldiers! It is because of men and women like you that we live in the Land of the Free. LETS GET CARL HOME!!!

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